About Us

Who we are

Like so many first-time visitors to the Eternal City, we fell in love with Rome’s captivating beauty and charm, which eventually led to a passionate desire to discover as much as possible about practically every inch of the city. 

This fascination continues to this very day, as even a simple walk to the local grocery store can provide us with yet another opportunity to discover how infinite Rome’s hidden treasures can be.

After working in the luxury-travel industry for over a decade, coupled with a profound knowledge of the city’s inner-workings and customs, we have decided to create a company, which combines all of our skills, passion and dedication to the would-be visitor to Rome.

So, when you choose a tour with us, we are sure you’ll enjoy our experienced tour-guides along with our carefully crafted private tours, which we’ve developed over years of walking around and discovering the city for ourselves.


Grazia & Steve